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Parenting Puzzle Workshops Boards (supplementary)

Family Links: Parenting Puzzle Workshops Boards (supplementary)

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These A1 boards are used for facilitators delivering the 4 Parenting Puzzle Workshops.

The 13 boards are part of a set of 21 needed to deliver the workshops; the other 8 boards are part of the Parent Group set that all trained Parent Group Leaders use and will already have in their group resources.

You can make your own, or save time by ordering this set of additional boards.

  • New design: excellent quality, cheerful, colourful
  • Can be used again and again
  • Printed on hardwearing 2000 micron display board
  • Help bring the Parenting Puzzle Workshops to life

You can also buy A1 portfolio carry cases for these boards on our online shop. You will need 2 cases to carry a full set of these boards.

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